External Surface painting

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Acrylic Paints

What do we need?

We wish to decorate building exteriors giving shades of our choice.

How do we do it?

The decoration will be the application of high quality acrylic paints of THRAKON, STATUS 100% acrylic or PRIMO Acrylic paint for concrete surfaces, which will provide excellent coverings in different shades. STATUS 100% Acrylic is a specially formulated paint to withstand adverse weather conditions such as major temperature fluctuations, intense sunlight, sea saltiness, air emissions and environmental contamination. PRIMO Acrylic paint for concrete surfaces, worked easily, dries quickly, has good coverage and is ideal for surfaces such as walls, plaster, cement, while it is appropriate to protect the concrete and coloring clear concrete surfaces.

Products used


DEC 480

STATUS 100% Acrylic paint

PRIMO Acrylic paint for concrete surfaces

Step by step

  • We ensure smooth final surfaces, clean and free from lumps. Large unevenness and cracks in the substrate must be repaired.
  • Necessary plastered surfaces of components with 3 layers system (spray-basic-final) or 2 layers system (spray – one layer plaster) of THRAKON and let it dry completely. Finally we repair any defects. If desired a particularly smooth surface coating been filled with resin putty DEC 480.
  • Prior to application surfaces must be primed with acrylic primer STATUS DUR Solvent. All paints proposed to apply two layers. First layer is diluted with 10-15% water.
  • The second layer is applied insoluble after complete drying of the first. For painting concrete surfaces apply PRIMO Acrylic. For very dry and absorbent surfaces is necessary prior to applying STATUS DUR solvent. In dry surface (earliest after 12 hours), the first layer of PRIMO Acrylic applied diluted with 5% water.
  • After complete drying of the first layer, the second is applied. In high quality and low-absorbency surfaces, it is usually sufficient to apply a single layer.

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