Internal Surface painting

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Surfaces Puttying

What do we need?

There are cases in which we want to redecorate a space and refresh painting. Before painting, a good puttying is necessary.

How do we do it?
In these applications THRAKON propose the use of DEC 470 fine putty for indoor & outdoor.

ADVANTAGES: Super fine finish – Easy to clean.

Products used

DEC 470

Step by step

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STEP 1: Thorough cleaning of surface from dust by using a metal brush

STEP 2: Preparation of mixture by placing the required amount of DEC 470 in a clean bucket. Then add water gradually, while you stir the content of the bucket

spatoularisma-epifanion.3 spatoularisma-epifanion.4

STEP 3: Apply DEC 470, with a spatula, in two coats

STEP 4: After 10 – 12 hours, rub the surface with a wet sponged trowel for making the surface smoother

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STEP 5: Apply GLX 292 FLEX PRIM, deep penetration primer

STEP 6: Apply STATUS ECO, ecological emulsion paint in two coats, which offers good coverage and is easily washed.

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Emulsion Paints

What do we need?

We wish to decorate building interiors giving shades of our choice.

How do we do it?

The decoration will be with implementation of high-quality emulsion paint of THRAKON, STATUS LUXURIOUS which will provide excellent coverings in different shades. The STATUS LUXURIOUS consists of high quality emulsions intended for indoor use. It has excellent coverage and permeability is odorless and resistant to dry cleaning.

Products used


GLX 292

DEC 470


Step by step

  • We ensure smooth final surfaces, clean and free from lumps. Large unevenness and cracks in the substrate must be repaired.
  • Necessary plastered surfaces of components with 3 layers system (spray-basic-final) or 2 layers system (spray – one layer plaster) of THRAKON and let it dry completely.
  • Finally we repair any defects. If desired a particularly smooth surface coating been filled with resin putty DEC 470. STATUS LUXURIOUS prepared by adding 15-20% of water, with good mixing and complete homogenization.
  • The surface on which you applied the product must be resistant, clean, dry and impregnated with primer GLX 292 FLEX PRIM or STATUS DUR WATER. The product is applied with a roller, into two layers.
  • The second layer is applied after complete drying of the first layer.

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