Replacement in mortar

Application with the most ecological way, with the replacement of lime in the preparation of mortars (plaster)

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Replacement of Lime in Mortar

What do we need?

When applying traditional mortars such us plasters and sludges for building by using lime created particular problems such as corrosion of metals in contact with the mortar and the creation of «butterfly» in the plaster because of incomplete quenching of lime.

How do we do it?

Replacement of lime in the manufacture of traditional mortars for plastering and building with plasticizing admixture ANTI-LIME ensure the protection of metals from corrosion and prevents the appearance of «butterflies» in the plaster. Furthermore maintain the area of the site clean and increases the speed of manufacture of mortars.

Products used


Step by step

The plasticizing admixture ANTI-LIME added to the water mixture before mixing with the mortar in the following proportions:

For preparation of plaster: 0,20 – 0,25 Kg / sack of cement 25kg.

For the preparation of masonry mortar: 0,15 Kg / sack of cement 25kg.

Note: The use of ANTI-LIME mortars slow the setting time of mortars.

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