Crystallizing effect materials

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Permanent waterproofing with addition of crystallizing effect DSF 315 material in concrete

What do we need?

Waterproofing application over the concrete surface is the most common solution. There are however a few cases that waterproofing is damaged or removed by chemical or mechanical stresses. Besides, the «injured» waterproofing is the most common cause of failure of a seal. The aim is to build an active concrete waterproofing system, an integral part of the concrete core. It is ideal for basements, marine structures, bathrooms, partitions, exterior walls, interior walls, foundations, concrete waterproofing, swimming pools, wells, concrete slabs, concrete ceilings, drinking water tanks, water treatment ponds, green roofs, tunnels, bridges, balconies, concrete repair and waterproofing, waste water treatment tanks, masonry waterproofing, dams, roads, aquariums.

How do we do it?

DSF 315 CRYSTALLINE ADMIX is an admixture of crystalline powder designed to interact with the capillary structures and concrete pores and create a sealing system (crystal structure) of the concrete. Over time, the active compounds, in combination with calcium hydroxide and moisture that exists in the capillary structures, form insoluble crystalline complexes. These crystals block the capillaries and small shrinkage cracks in the concrete to prevent inflow of water (even under pressure). Later, in case of crack appearance on concrete (due to maturing or shrinkage), incoming water triggers the crystallization process, thereby causing more crystals (absorbing water), which fill the gap of the crack and ensure the protection of concrete from moisture. Furthermore, the application of DSF 315 CRYSTALLINE ADMIX ensures the reduction of capillary structures in the concrete, resulting in substantially improved characteristics of concrete regarding its strength. However, the concrete continues to allow the passage of water vapor through the structure (i.e. the concrete is still able to «breathe»). DSF 315 CRYSTALLINE ADMIX is one of the few products in the global market covering American (ASTM) and European (CE) standards for concrete admixtures. The concrete containing DSF 315 Crystalline Admix may develop higher strength than a plain concrete.


Permanent waterproofing of concrete

Reduced sealing cost of construction (system with bituminous membranes)

Reduced maintenance and repair of concrete structures

Excellent resistance to positive and negative hydrostatic pressure

Concrete protection and reinforcement of extreme environments (oxidation, carbonization)

Improved reliability and concrete quality

No modifications or compressive strength of concrete setting time

Increased concrete life duration

Reduction of capillaries of concrete structures

Increase of elasticity and strength to chemicals and resistance to frost

Conservation vapor permeability

Please refer to the brochure for more details.

Step by step


DSF 315 CRYSTALLINE ADMIX can be used in barrel or cement silos. It will be added to the initial batch, preferably when the aggregates are added to the mixing tube. The concrete must be mixed for at least 8 to 10 minutes with regular mixing speed and after all ingredients have been incorporated, should ensure thorough dispersion of all the materials. DSF 315 CRYSTALLINE ADMIX should not be added to the concrete mix after the cementitious materials. Alternatively, DSF 315 CRYSTALLINE ADMIX may be used in the mixer of the concrete industry. For application details, please refer to the datasheet of the DSF product 315.

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