CLIMAPLUS is a complete external thermal insulation system for buildings which consists of:

  • Thermal insulation plates, expanded polystyrene, extruded polystyrene or mineral wool
  • Adhesive for thermal insulation plates on surface of building
  • Coating material of thermal insulation plates
  • Reinforcement mesh of coating
  • Colored primer
  • Final colored and decorative plaster
  • Helpful materials (plastic anchors, corner profiles, starters etc.)

We can reduce thermal losses from the building and at the same time we can reduce the energy needed for supply various cooling-heating systems, up 60% on average over year. Moreover, the initial construction cost of the installation of central heating or air conditioning system is limited. The depreciation time of the system is relatively low, ranging from 4-8 years.

CLIMAPLUS is a thermal insulation system which can be applied on new or existing buildings. The result is an excellent insulation and very good quality of interior air.

  • Thermal Insulation of Interior or Exterior Masonry: When the Regulation of Energy Performance of Buildings is applied, most buildings must reinforce their thermal insulation. CLIMAPLUS has easy application in exterior or interior masonry.
  • Thermal Insulation for ceilings in pilotis, basements and penthouse: CLIMAPLUS is suitable for application in ceilings, basements, parking. The valuable heat escapes through doors and windows. Poor insulation of pilotis and basements is a common cause of energy loss. The ease of CLIMAPLUS system application is a major advantage for these areas.

CLIMAPLUS Guarantees

THRAKON is always a leader. As in other products, for the production of CLIMAPLUS system, THRAKON uses silica sand, which gives in product excellent features such as workability, waterproofing, durability and finish.

THRAKON applies in its production procedures, a legal system of quality control and ensures the customer for the products.

CLIMAPLUS system complies to European Standards ETAG 004. The products are certified and can ensure the user for the:

  • Suitability of system for provided use
  • Protection of system during the use
  • Strength of system during the life time of construction
  • Fire protection
  • Health and protection from the use of system
  • Protection of noise
  • Compatibility of the individual materials in the system together

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