Ceramic tiles application on steel surfaces

What do we need?

There are cases where for renovation purposes we would like to apply ceramic tiles on a steel surface (stair, fridge etc).

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How do we do it?

In these cases apply VKW 132, as long as the application is not bigger than 5 m2. VKW 132 is a high quality tile adhesive able to withstand contractions and expansions. It also offers excellent bonding, making it ideal for applications on steel surfaces.

Products used

GLX 190
VLX 132

Step by step

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STEP 1: Thoroughly clean the surface from dust with a brush

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STEP 2: Apply the GLX 190, quartz sand primer, for increased bonding

STEP 3: Apply the elastic tile adhesive, VKW 132. It is a two component product, ideal for applications under contractions and expansions

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STEP 4: Distances between ceramic tiles can be easily fi xed with the relevant special items (+, T, Y)

Product Categories : Tile Adhesives & Grouts

Products used: