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What do we need?

In restorations, there is often the need of moving an existing electrical socket or creating new electric or hydraulic supply. In these cases you should apply the following method for restoring the wall.

How do we do it?

The repair of masonry  is necessary by using specialized materials that provide a permanent long-term solution.

ADVANTAGES: Easy in Application – Durable solution

Products used

WRM 518

Step by step

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STEP 1: Clean thoroughly the surface of application from dust and loose particles, irregularities, etc. Then, spray water on the surface

STEP 2: Filling of gap should be done with fast setting repairing product WRM 518 (R2)

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STEP 3: Before WRM 518 starts getting dry, engrave it diagonally for increased bonding and easier application

STEP 4: Apply WRM 483 CEM COAT FINE, an extra-fine cementitious putty

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STEP 5: Leveling of surface with a spatula, removing the material in excess

STEP 6: Leave WRM 483 CEM COAT FINE to get dried and rub with a wet sponged trowel for making the surface smoother


STEP 7: prime the surface with GLX 292 penetration primer

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STEP 8: Apply STATUS ECO, ecological emulsion paint, in two coats

STATUS ECO is a premium quality ecological emulsion paint. It is odourless, easily cleaned and sustains frequent
washing and little scratches.

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