GROUT ART – Microcement on wall

“Highlight styles with grout, giving the wall a unique effect”

Step 1: Apply a thin layer of DECOR (Step 10), according to the desired shade for the background of the surface.

Step 2:Mix in an empty bucket clean water with the desired shade of tile grout (THRAKON FMF 150 colour chart). The amount you need depends on the needs of style and artistic mood you have.


Step 3:Spread the grout on to the prepared surface with a small spatula. This is the phase where the applicator uses his abilities, so the spreading is irregular or specific, thicker or thinner.

Step 4: Then, you press the surface by using a rectangular stainless steel spatula, making semicircular or straight movements with your hands, in order to engage the grout with microcement and give a uniform decorative effect, with waves, lines or “bubbles”. Then again press the surface with a large rectangular smooth stainless steel spatula (American type) which is firstly wetted with clean water in order, to give a smooth final result.

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