SPRAY ART – Microcement with pigment

“Unique styles with pigments, refresh and give a classy style to small and large rooms”

Step 1: Apply a thin layer of DECOR, according to the desired shade for the background of the surface.


Step 2: Once the material is dried, rub the surface with wet (with clean water) sponged trowel, which will create the necessary conditions on the substrate for the applicator to create the desired style. Drying time for very thin layers is between 20-35 min and is affected by atmospheric conditions. For layers with larger
thicknesses the time will increase accordingly.

Step 3: Mix the selected pigment in a container with clean water and apply by spraying the content on the surface.

Step 4: Then, you press the surface by using a rectangular stainless steel spatula, making semicircular or straight movements with your hands, in order to engage the grout with microcement and give a uniform decorative effect, with waves, lines or “bubbles”. Then again press the surface with a large rectangular smooth stainless steel spatula (American type) which is firstly wetted with clean water in order, to give a smooth final result. After a while and when material is dried you can be press the surface again after firstly spraying it with water for giving an even smoother result.

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