Surfaces Puttying

What do we need?

There are cases in which we want to redecorate a space and refresh painting. Before painting, a good puttying is necessary.

How do we do it?
In these applications THRAKON propose the use of DEC 470 fine putty for indoor & outdoor.

ADVANTAGES: Super fine finish – Easy to clean.

Products used

DEC 470

Step by step

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STEP 1: Thorough cleaning of surface from dust by using a metal brush

STEP 2: Preparation of mixture by placing the required amount of DEC 470 in a clean bucket. Then add water gradually, while you stir the content of the bucket

spatoularisma-epifanion.3 spatoularisma-epifanion.4

STEP 3: Apply DEC 470, with a spatula, in two coats

STEP 4: After 10 – 12 hours, rub the surface with a wet sponged trowel for making the surface smoother

spatoularisma-epifanion.5 spatoularisma-epifanion.6

STEP 5: Apply GLX 292 FLEX PRIM, deep penetration primer

STEP 6: Apply STATUS ECO, ecological emulsion paint in two coats, which offers good coverage and is easily washed.

Product Categories : ETICS & Facade Products Paints

Products used: