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GLX 494 Prim - Acrylic primer for organic renders

GLX 494 Prim is an acrylic based coat primer for the acrylic based coats and paints. It is diluted with 25% of clean water. Before application it is colored appropriately according to the color of the final coat render.

  • Deep penetration to cementitious substrates, plasters and absorbent surfaces, creating an excellent bonding bridge for the following coatings.
  • It is ideal and necessary for priming concrete, which will be plastered.
  • Penetrates and stabilizes cement screeds.
  • Protects surfaces from staining and prevents the absorption of water.
  • Allows perspiration of the wall and prevents the ingress of rainwater.
  • It doesn't contain organic solvents.
  • Resistance to ageing.
  • Resistance to oils and solvents.
  • Strong adhesion to the substrate.
  • It is fully compatible with alkaline surfaces.
Consumption - Packaging - Storage
  • 0,25 Kg/m2 for one coat. 
  • In 25 Kg plastic containers. In a dry environment at temperatures above 00C for 12 months its production date.
Swedish quality
Swedish quality