Back Thrakon SHP 205 - Rough cast plaster

Thrakon SHP 205 - Rough cast plaster

SHP 205 is a ready to use cement based rough, for preparation of surfaces prior to base coat or one coat plaster. It contains cement, quartz sand with 3,5 mm max. grain size, limestone fillers and admixtures. It is produced and controlled according to EN 998-1

  • Appropriate for application on concrete, masonry (bricks, cement blocks or autoclaved aerated concrete), ceilings, surfaces covered with insulation materials, plastic or metal pipes. For cases of very difficult surfaces such as glare concrete, emulsion VML 870 should be added.
  • Allows the surfaces to “breath”.
  • SHP 205 offers high resistance, perfect adhesion ability and functions as the adhesion bridge between the masonry and the next coats of plaster. 
  • It ensures smooth absorbability of all surfaces that are to be plastered. 
  • It roughens the surfaces for stronger adhesion of subsequent plaster coats.
  • Replaces traditional plasters.
Consumption - Packaging - Storage
  • Indicative consumption: 3-5 kg/m2 . Consumption depends on the tile’s surface and the substrate’s morphology.
  • In 25 and 40 Kg valve paper bag and big bags for THRAKON silo. In a dry environment at temperatures above 00C for 12 months its production date.
Swedish quality
Swedish quality