THRAKON’s donation for the refurbishment of School in Chalkidona

The School of Municipality of Chalkidona will be transformed in a brand new building, after a significant donation from THRAKON to provide ecological paints for the renovation of all its external spaces.

More specifically, on the occasion of the new school year, THRAKON decided to allocate free of charge ecological paints needed for the renovation of the 1500m2 school building. To implement this initiative, THRAKON collaborated with President George Roupakis and Deputy Mayor of Chalkidona Alekos Manakis, who pointed out the need to paint the outdoor areas of the school building.

So, for a few days, the school will be transformed into a new with TRHAKON’s eco paints, giving students a fresh breath for the school year 2017/2018.

THRAKON is constantly looking for new ways to stand by those who need it through various actions for corporate social responsibility.