ETICS System

Up to 60% energy saving
in winter and summer

ETICS & Facade Products


Adhesives for Insulation Boards & Basic Coat Plaster

Full range of welding material and the base layer, or non-fiber reinforced, organic or inorganic,...

Insulation Boards

THRAKON always pioneers by providing choices of 6 thermal insulation products: EPS, Neopor, XPS, Stonewool,...

Reinforcement ETICS

Certified fiberglass for application of CLIMAPLUS insulation system

Impregnating Coating

Solutions for correct preparation of the substrate before application of the top coat

Final Coat

Selection between a full range of inorganic and organic (acrylic, silicone, water-glass, hybrid) coatings, according...

Facade Products

Facade materials for indoor and outdoor areas

Roof Insulation

Ideal insulation solution (DIY) for terraces and roofs

Complementary products

A full range of accessories that complement the most complete thermal insulation system provided by...


Tools for the correct application of CLIMAPLUS insulation system