Analysis of the solutions provided by CLIMAPLUS system, the most complete external insulation system in the Greek market. A choice among six thermal insulation products and 35 different end surfaces.

CLIMAPLUS is a complete external thermal insulation system for buildings.
It consists of thermal insulation plates, expanded polystyrene, extruded polystyrene or mineral wool, adhesive for thermal insulation plates on surface of building, coating material of thermal insulation plates, reinforcement mesh of coating, colored primer, final colored and decorative plaster and several helpful materials (plastic anchors, corner profiles, starters etc.) With the external thermal insulation system ClimaPlus, you can plaster and insulate the exterior of your house, fast and easy. ClimaPlus creates a cover protection to the building which reduces the transfer of heating from and towards the interior. So, in winter the heat loss is reduced and in the summer the heat flow to the building is reduced. By reducing the thermal losses from the building, at the same time reduces the energy which must be consumed for supply the various cooling-heating systems up to 60% on average per year. Moreover, the initial construction cost of the installation of central heating or air conditioning system is limited. The depreciation time of the system is relatively low, ranging from 4-8 years.

Energy Saving & Economy
Ideal Solution for the Rebuilding and Thermal Insulation of existing buildings
Environment Protection & Certificate of Energy Authentication
Protection of Bearing Structure and Facade Waterproofing of Buildings
Avoidance of Cracks in Plaster