Every kind of repair can be made with ΤΗRΑΚΟΝ repairing products. Older constructions often require maintenance in order to repair some problems that have appeared through time. With the necessary repairs on masonry (inside and outside), on reinforced concrete, on plasters, paints, etc, problems can be solved and construction may be renewed and upgraded.

Moreover, after a period of time, restoration is a critical need. THRAKON offers complete solutions characterised by high quality and efficiency systems, in order to make the renovation process a safe and guaranteed solution, durable in time.

THRAKON products are certified according to the European Norms, covering the needs of the most demanding applications.

Rules for a correct application of repair mortars
Remove the damaged parts of the concrete until you reach healthy substrate.
Fully uncover the metal reinforcement to the points that will be repaired, so that it is possible to coat with the WRM 510 primer.
Then clean the reinforcement from rust using shipping hammer, brush, sand blasting or needle guns, depending on the size and extent of the corrosion.
Wash and clean the surfaces (armature and concrete) with water under pressure.
The concrete surfaces on which the repair mortar will be applied should be wetted to saturation and the excess water should be removed.
During implementation, attention should be paid to remove the generated wind, and not imprisoned air bubbles on the surfaces of concrete and reinforcement.
The primed surfaces must be protected from rapid evaporation, especially during the summer months, to avoid cracking with light maceration or cover with damp cloth.
The material should be applied when the external temperature is between + 5 ° C and + 35 ° C, and not in the rain.
When the temperature is high, the strength is developed faster and the workability of the material is reduced. At low temperatures, strengths develop late.
Retention of liquid and avoidance of rapid evaporation of the surface are recommended, particularly when the temperature is high or when applied under strong sunlight.