Tiling applications according to the tile, substrate and use of area

Rules for proper tiling
For bonding the tiles we place a glue, depending on the surface, and then it is combed with a notched trowel in order to have a uniform spreading of the adhesive.
The dimensions of the trowel depend on the size of the tiles. For large tiles, spatulas with large teeth are used.
Where necessary suitable guides are used (crosses, tees, etc.)
After application of the elements, we press or hit them slightly to ensure full contact of their entire surface with the adhesive.
After the placement of the element there is still time to make minor adjustments (see the correction time for each adhesive separately).
The tiles can be placed for about 20 minutes, after coating the adhesive on the surface.
If by controlling the glue you find that a "skin" has been formed, then remove it and install a new one.
On surfaces larger than 25 m² expansion joints must be installed. Connections between floors / walls should be made with suitable silicone mastics.
You should avoid applying the adhesive under heat or freezing conditions (ideal conditions + 5 ° C to + 35 ° C).