Waterproofing for all applications: Roof waterproofing with or without slopes, basements, wet (damp) areas (bathroom, WC), potable water tanks etc.

Rules for proper waterproofing
Make sure that surfaces are clean and free from loose impurities, salts, oils and other contaminants.
Remove projections and burrs, polyurethane or other soft materials.
Cut bars protruding at depth 1,5 - 2,0 cm.
Close all holes or cracks with fast setting repair mortar THRAKON WRM 520 or WRM 500 (according to the situation).
Make sure when you apply the product that the water does not run into the substrate.
Pour water on the surface until saturation and remove excess water.
The first coat should be applied with the brush. Make sure that the product covers all the gaps.
When the first coat is finished and before it dries completely, apply crosswise the second one, also by brush.
If required, the first level should be watered beforehand. During, and three hours after application of the product, the ambient temperature should not be below + 5ºC. Application on substrates exposed to direct sunlight, very high temperatures (over + 30ºC) or during strong winds is not advised. You may not apply in rain or frost conditions.