Microcement system

Decorative microcement
of 2 & 3 componenets, high mechanical stress
in a wide range of colors and styles



DÉCOR microcement system of THRAKON is an innovative solution for unique decoration of wall surfaces, flooring and other applications. The implementation of DÉCOR system delivers extremely smooth surface finish, high strength, with a unique combination of colors and styles, combining minimalist aesthetic influences of modern architecture with our tradition.

THRAKON features decorative one, two and three-componentmicrocement (DECOR FINE PLUS, DECOR & DECOR SUPERIOR) in a variety of colors and styles.
SUPERIOR DECOR system is the only system (three-component) epoxy trowelled cement in Greece.

Primers for preparation surfaces

Primers for the proper preparation of the substrate for application of microcement

DÉCOR Microcement Systems

Unique microcement systems that offer choices depending on the style and surface of the application

Microcement Protection

Solutions for proper protection of microcement

Flooring Screeds Reinforcement

Fiberglass for microcement reinforcement to create a flexible and durable substrate