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Thermal Insulation in Volos with CLIMAPLUS

A unique project of high standards has been completed in Volos. THRAKON’s integrated CLIMAPLUS External Thermal Insulation System and the people who worked for this project have created an excellent result.

YTONG Building Konstantinopolitika Thessaloniki

Konstantinopolitika Thessaloniki

Construction of a building in Konstantinopolitika Thessaloniki. The building was built with YTONG with thickness of 10cm (60 x 25 x 10) and 20cm (60 x 25 x 20). For the tiling was used VKW 121, a thin layer, cement based tile adhesive suitable for applications on both horizontal and vertical surfaces and VKW 126, cement based tile adhesive that consists of cement, quartz sand, lime fillers and admixtures.

Application : YTONG, VKW 121, VKW 126

DECOR Microcement – Hotel, Ios island

Application of DECOR microcement by THRAKON on hotel in Ios island. The application was made on walls and the floor with  2-component DECOR and DECOR FINE PLUS microcement.

Application : DECOR Microcement

DECOR Microcement- Koi Restaurant, Athens, Greece

Melissia, Attica

Application of microcement DECOR system by THRAKON in chain restaurants. The application was made on the wall and the floor with 2-component DECOR and DECOR FINE PLUS microcement.

Application : DECOR Microcement

DECOR Microcement – House, Elia area, Chalkidiki

Chalkidiki, Greece

Implementation of DECOR microcement system on house in Elia, Chalkidiki, where internal and external pool spaces and bathrooms were decorated with epoxy DECOR 3-component microcement and the floor of the living room with DECOR 2-component microcement.

Application : DECOR microcement

CLIMAPLUS ETICS system – School in Sparta, Greece

Sparta, Greece

Application of External Insulation System CLIMAPLUS on School in Sparta. It was a very demanding task, because the surface to be covered summed up to 3000m2.

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Application : CLIMAPLUS ETICS System

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