100% Waterproofing

High flexibility
and powerful adhesion to the substrate



THRAKON has an integrated sealing solutions system, which stands out for its high flexibility and ensures powerful adhesion to the substrate. Cementitious or polyurethane products, acrylic and bitumen spreads, certified with the international quality standard ISO 9001, an adequate response to negative and positive pressures, resistant to moisture and frost, achieving excellent sealing, even on surfaces that are permanently under the water.

The waterproofing products of THRAKON are produced and controlled by processes certified according to ISO 9001. It is suitable for thin-layer plastering interior or exterior surfaces of buildings, underground areas, canals and water tanks as well as for interior plastering in pools and tanks to replace tiling, because of strong adhesion to the substrate and high elasticity.

They are produced with quartz sand and are suitable for negative and positive pressures. They provide excellent sealing, even on surfaces that are permanently under water. They are resistant to moisture and vapors, and depending on their differentiation they are suitable for swimming pools, tanks or even potable water tanks at W347 and W270.

The sealants of Thrakon are easily applied by brush, roller or spatula on substrates such as concrete, brick, cement, stone as well as hard surfaces. They offer resistance to aging of the materials, oils and solvents, and are not flammable.


Brushable sealer for concrete and concrete admixture, crystallizing effect, for complete and permanent waterproofing of...

Cement based

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Acrylic based

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Polyurethane based

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Products for hydrophobic impregnation and surface protection

Primers and Αdmixtures

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Waterproofing reinforcement

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Drainage membranes

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