Top quality paints, with great hiding power, big variety of shades through STATUS Tinting System, for inside (eco) or external (insulating) surfaces

Rules for correct paint application
Choose the right tools for every surface and material.
Select the appropriate primer to stabilize the surface to paint. The primer provides the link between surface and color.
Prepare and check the surface. The surface must be dry, solid, free from dust, mold, grease and loose debris.
Seal with suitable materials the spots which may get wet such as gutters, joints, windows, cracks etc.
Avoid application of color at high temperatures and particularly when the surfaces are directly exposed to sunlight.
Avoid metallic surfaces without the removal of rust and the following embodiment 1-2 anticorrosive paint layers
The glossy and smooth surfaces should be sanding to gain better traction
Follow all product instructions to achieve guaranteed results
Apply the next layer (if required) after the previous one has dried