Microcement DECOR system implementation process. The system is the ideal solution for new and existing constructions, meeting the most demanding specifications.

Rules for proper application
THRAKON offers an innovative solution proposed by THRAKON as complete trowelled screed systems. With DECOR and DECOR FINE PLUS we can decorate uniquely masonry surfaces or floors, achieving an excellent result from an aesthetic standpoint.

Rules for proper floor filling 3-10cm before application of microcement
The concrete must be dry, solid, free from loose particles, dust, paint, waxes, oils.
Large cavities should be properly addressed before implementation.
After washing well with water and after drying it should be primed with the acrylic primer GLX 290, dissolved in a ratio of 3 parts water: 1 part primer.
Absorbent and old surfaces can be fixed with the same primer.
Apply 600 NSD after the drying of the primer (approximately 2-6 hours).
Drivers must be removed immediately after application.
In case weather conditions cause abrupt drying of the product, such as high temperatures, light spraying with water for the first two days after application is required.
Let the product dry completely before the next application.
During the application, but in the next 24 hours, the temperature of the environment and the substrate should be between + 5 ° C and + 35 ° C.