In Greece...

…microcement  was well established in applications, utilizing  knowledge coming from the past. Microcement was mainly applied in secondary areas, as well as in areas with waterproofing requirements (bathroom, external stairs, etc.) since the early 20th century.


Furthermore, microcement was broadly applied in the Aegean Islands, due to the particular style it gives to the construction. Traditionally, cement (mortar) was squeezed with a  trowel until the surface became smooth.


Nowadays, microcement products have been further developed, providing numerous color shades, a wide range of decorative surfaces, high flexibility, strength and durability. Modern architecture is directed to minimal design, with Microcement giving the final touch. THRAKON has created an integrated concept, composed from different systems, which can be combined with the style chosen by the architect, giving a unique aesthetic effect.


THRAKON pioneers by offering three different microcement coating systems:  DECOR FINE PLUS (1 component), DECOR (2 components) and  DECOR SUPERIOR (3 components).


New trends in architecture, combined with the turn to environmental friendly products, make DECOR the ideal solution for multiple applications. DECOR can be installed in gyms, shops, hotels, showrooms as well as in homes, offices, spa or outdoors; even tables, worktops, sinks, bathtubs, swimming pools etc.


THRAKON’s microcement coating systems can be applied on horizontal, vertical or inclined surfaces, on substrates such as concrete, brick and cement. Furthermore, it can be applied onto existing floors like mosaic, marble or ceramic tiles. After pressing the mortar and letting it dry, the protection and waterproofing of the surface using the appropriate varnish of THRAKON follows.



  • The only 3-component microcement epoxy system in Greece
  • Suitable for application in small and larger thicknesses
  • Smooth finish
  • High mechanical strength
  • Unique combination of shades which are available from CLIMAPLUS fan deck
  • DECOR works perfectly with FMF 150 grouts of THRAKON (26 shades) creating even more styles
Ιdeal  for...

Ιdeal for...

… new constructions or properties under renovation, meeting the most demanding design requirements: Homes: indoors and outdoors, giving a unique style, Hotels: Reception areas, bedrooms, outdoors (hallways, swimming pools), Shops, gyms, showrooms: for modern design solutions in various styles, Decoration Elements: uniquely highlighted structures for tables, workbenches, built beds, sinks, bathtubs etc.

Flip through the Microcement System brochure and find detailed information about the products and their application.

DECOR Brochure

Helpful Tips

  • Depending on the application, the creation of expansion joints is recommended: for internal floor surfaces peripheral joint is suggested, while when applied outdoors it is proposed to create joints every 35-40 m².
  • As an overall rule, for indoors, maximum application surface without expansion joint should not exceed 8-10 meters, while outdoors the length should not exceed 7 meters.
  • Existing expansion joints in the substrate should not be covered by application, as cracks may occur. This applies to expansion joints indoors and outdoors.
  • Sealing of expansion joints in DECOR systems can be made with joint fillets or with suitable sealants from THRAKON (BACKER ROD, ELASTO PU/ ELASTO PU FLEX).
  • THRAKON's DECOR (2 components) can be applied in areas with permanent presence of water such as in swimming pools, as well as in areas such as locker rooms, bathrooms, WC, etc.



  • THRAKON's DECOR SUPERIOR (3 components) can be applied in areas with heavy traffic (external floors) and in applications with high hydrostatic pressures (swimming pools).
  • The application of polyurethane varnish DECOR PU VARNISH for the protection of microcement in areas with permanent presence of water and / or hydrostatic pressure should be made in 2 coats.
  • The application surface must be properly prepared (repaired and primed).
  • The application of DECOR microcement systems does not differ when there is underfloor heating.
  • The application of microcement systems should be made by specialized application teams.
  • In swimming pool applications, filling the pool with water must be done 7 days after the application of DECOR PU VARNISH.