Absorptive tile grouts waterproofing

What do we need?

Absorbent grouts in exterior and interior with presence of salts.

How do we do it?

Application of NANOSHIELD W Nanomolecular product for protection of porous surfaces against moisture and salts. NANOSHIELD W is applied for the durable protection of tile grouts, since we reinforce its surface against humidity, moisture, salts and appearance of fungi.

Products used


VLX 181

Step by step

Step 1: Thoroughly clean the area from dust


Step 2: Pour NANOSHIELD W at the area of application


Step 3: Spread NANOSHIELD W on the area with a rubber spatula. Leave area for 5 minutes and then remove the material that has not dried


Step 4: Clean the area by sweeping with a damp cloth


Step 5: After 6-8 hours (depending on climatic conditions), proceed with the permanent cleaning of the surface, by mopping it


Product Categories : Waterproofing Tile Adhesives & Grouts

Products used: