External tank waterproofing

What do we need?

We refer to waterproof water tanks made of concrete, which is done from the outside. Many times the concrete after curing creates hairline cracks (<1mm). Even there may be increased porous in concrete. Finally these defects may be present as large cracks (2 – 5mm). In all these cases there is water leakage through the walls of the tank, which among other things can have devastating effects on the strength of the reinforcement and concrete.

How do we do it?

Because cracks in the walls of the concrete show contractions, for insulation used an elastomeric waterproofing bituminous membrane.

Products used

WRM 518

Step by step

STEP 1: Clean the surface from oil, dust and loose particles. In case of existing reinforcement, we cut it at a depth of 3 cm. Then wet the area with water and proceed with the repairing of the surface by using WRM 518

STEP 2: At the points of intersection of concrete walls with foundations the application of BORNIT-DREIECKSBAND is suggested. This is a bituminous, highly flexible, triangular tape, ideal for these parts of waterproofing

STEP 3: Application of bituminous membrane THRAKON Bitu-FELT V (-5 oC)

STEP 4: Application of bituminous varnish Bitu-Primer, leaving it to dry for 8 – 10 hours

STEP 5: Application of a new layer of bituminous membrane THRAKON Bitu-FELT V (-5 oC). STEP 6: Application of NEODRAIN SL28C, in order to protect the surface

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