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THRAKON MINI SILO is a folding metal silo of small dimensions, which is transferred empty and it is placed on site with a common crane truck. Plaster Mortar can be transferred on the same truck, packed in big bags, with which the silo is filled. It is a silo with 6 m3 volume and flexible used for the trafficking of ready plasters in raw form.


  • It is suitable for the transportation of rough , undercoat, final coat and one hand plasters for masonry mortars, floor screed (self-leveling or not)
  • It can either work with air conveyor systems, or directly supply the plastering machine


  • The use of THRAKON MINI SILO at the construction site keeps clean the working environment
  • There is no mess caused by scattered raw structural construction materials, and it also relieves the area of empty sandbags, plaster bags and palletes
  • The use of silo on site facilitates and accelerates the construction tasks considerably, since the workers can supply the plastering machines, without having to lift and carry the bags by hand
  • Workers do not lift any additional loads by hand and don’t breath dirt coming handling of plaster bags or raw materials
  • Working teams` productivity and efficiency is rising
  • The plastering machine keeps a continuous supply, without causing troubles to the plastering procedure