THRAKON develops, produces and sells ready mix mortars. All products are certified with CE and high standards. The main categories of the materials are:

  • Tile adhesives and grouts
  • External thermal insulation systems
  • Plasters, Repairing, Flooring and Waterproofing systemsTHRAKON HOME

THRAKON is a multinational company that has the expertise to provide a reliable, quality product with best quality and price. Our success since 1963 is based on experience, quick decision making, environmental and social sensitivity.

THRAKON is the only company in Greece that produces all the products with quartz sand because of its strategic location of the factory. Quartz sand improves the strength and workability in mortars. The use of quartz sand, that is globally considered the best raw material for the production of mortars, gives the ability to our products to have a higher quality than the competition.

THRAKON is one of the few producers of mortars that have vertically integrated production of both raw materials and mortars. The result is lower production costs, better quality control of materials and production capacity at competitive prices and quality materials.

THRAKON consists of two productions plants with annual production capacity over 200.000 tons and systems around 110.000 m2 . This makes us one of the most reliapage-slide1ble producers of mortars in Greece with guaranteed steady supply.

THRAKON, since its foundation, presents in market high quality products and integrated solutions, that are innovative, environmentally friendly and economically profitable for the industry. We operate a continuous and reliable business strategy for our clients in order to justify and maintain their trust in us.