Technical Support

home_banner_img1As part of a constantly developing and highly competitive market, such as the one of building materials, one of the most important elements of added value for a product lies in aftersales technical support. The standard and quality of such services are the ones establishing the prestige and reliability of a company in the minds of consumers. THRAKON recognizes the significance of its aftersales services and commits to providing integrated solutions and advice stemming specialized engineers and experienced technicians, as part of its desire to be at its customers’ side at all times, hence maintaining a high sense of responsibility. The services rendered are described below:

Work-team training

Our technicians train your work-teams at the construction site in every method of application regarding our company’s products.

Briefing of engineers and technical companies

Briefing will be taking place through a presentation either at your premises or at our headquarters.

Organization of seminars

Our company organizes seminars held at the customers’ premises, hotels or the company’s headquarters free of charge. Every interested party is free to apply for an upcoming seminar by contacting the technical department.

Provision of technical solutions in specialized cases

Our company’s engineers answer your questions and recommend specific solutions to problems arising at the construction site.

Problem diagnosis and solving

The technical department is always at the customers’ side, in order to assess and diagnose problems arising at the construction site during and following application of our products, indicating the appropriate way of tackling them.

Telephone support

The telephone support department is open Mondays to Fridays, at 9:00-17:00, offering information on our products and answering any technical questions you may have. If you should have any queries in terms of training and wish to participate in an upcoming seminar, feel free to contact us.

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